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Interagency Council for Advancing Meteorological Services


NEXRAD Program Council

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The WSR-88D is a mature network of dual polarized Doppler radars providing high quality data covering much of the continental United States and Hawaii, some of Alaska, and other U.S. possession and overseas locations. As the radars have aged and agency missions have evolved over the past 25-30 years, issues regarding the future of the radars and the arrangement under which they are maintained and operated have arisen. The NPC will:

  1. Provide an executive level forum for discussion of the broader concepts, issue, ideas, and initiatives related to the future of the WSR-88D system.
  2. Promote a common understanding of health and status of the WSR-88D network.
  3. Consider opportunities to coordinate messaging to present unified positions to decision makers regarding the current and future support for the system.
  4. Address specific issues regarding the maintenance and operation of the WSR-88D radars to ensure high-quality, cost-effective support to the America people and to military operations.
  5. Address strategic issues that arisen in the context of evolving missions and responsibilities.
  6. Serve as the “Agency Executive level” for the NPMC management.

NPC Charter


The NPC meets periodically as requested by the members. NPC meeting information.