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Interagency Council for Advancing Meteorological Services



WG/HWSOR Purpose

The Working Group for Hurricane and Winter Storm Operations and Research shall be the principal means for effecting continuing coordination on current and programmed activities within its assigned areas and recommending changes to more efficiently utilize resources in meeting valid user requirements, and addressing operational and research issues as they relate to tropical cyclones and winter storms.

The Working Group shall be responsible for:

  1. Helping to plan the annual Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference (IHC) and conducting a working group meeting in conjunction with the IHC. The working group will address the action items brought before the conference by the Federal agencies and will consider for action other issues raised by participants during the course of the conference. The summary of action items, including the status of past action items, is normally presented during the IHC’s closing session.
  2. Preparing the annual National Hurricane Operations Plan based on the new procedures, procedural changes, and other action items addressed and agreed to during the IHC.
  3. Arranging for WG/HWSOR meetings as needed to address issues on winter storm operations and reconnaissance. The results of the meetings will be incorporated into the National Winter Storms Operations Plan. This plan will be reviewed annually and updated as needed; it will normally be published on a biennial basis.
  4. Identifying the high pay-off, crosscutting issues or gaps in capability which will serve as the basis for prioritizing future interagency efforts, regarding tropical cyclone and winter storm operations, reconnaissance, and research.
  5. Developing strategies to address the crosscutting issues and capability gaps.
  6. Empowering joint action groups (JAG) to work on specific projects of limited duration. The working group will develop objectives for a JAG and specify a well-defined deliverable, such as a Federal research plan or report.
  7. Reporting to CESORN and ICMSSR periodically on the working group’s activities and accomplishments and considering other matters as directed by CESORN and ICMSSR.

WG/HWSOR Meetings

Meetings will be held in conjunction with the Tropical Cyclone Operations and Research Forum/Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference.