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Interagency Council for Advancing Meteorological Services


federal committee for meteorological services and supporting research

FCMSSR Purpose

The Federal Committee for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research (FCMSSR) provides a formal mechanism for interagency coordination on implementing national policy relating to, and developing plans and procedures for, cooperative Federal agency efforts in the development, acquisition, continuous operability, and increased effectiveness of meteorological services for the Nation. These services include observation, data sharing, analysis, prediction, dissemination of operational weather and atmospheric information, and the developmental research that supports these services.

The FCMSSR will maintain cognizance of the activities of the National Science and Technology Council’s Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Sustainability (CENRS) and its subcommittees, and will cooperatively engage with CENRS as appropriate.

The FCMSSR charters and provides strategic guidance to the Interdepartmental Committee for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research (ICMSSR). The FCMSSR will provide direction and support to the National Earth Systems Prediction Capability Executive Steering Group (National ESPC ESG). Additionally, the Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research (OFCM) provides administrative support to, and operates under direction and guidance from, the FCMSSR.

The Chairperson of FCMSSR is the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, and the Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). A Vice-Chairperson will be elected from the other FCMSSR member agencies to a three-year term.

The members of the FCMSSR are senior executives from Federal agencies with programs that provide, support, and/or rely upon meteorological services and supporting research to meet agency requirements. In addition to reviewing OFCM activities and providing policy guidance, FCMSSR is the federal government focal point to ensure interagency cooperation and coordination for meteorological services and supporting research.

The FCMSSR and this Charter are not budget documents and do not imply any resource commitments by the member agencies. However, FCMSSR deliberations, decisions, and/or products may be used to inform agency and Federal government budget processes.

FCMSSR Charter

FCMSSR Meetings

FCMSSR meets twice a year to provide guidance to OFCM's Coordinating Infrastructure.

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